Things Do Get Better :)

I’m sitting here binge watching my show on Netflix, finally in a better place mentally than I’ve been in almost two weeks. Why?  I finally got a job!!  I’m still homesick, I still want to go home, but starting Monday, I will have something to do with my time that has been completely unfilled these past two weeks.

I taught ballroom dance back in Virginia, so I’ve been going around looking for the dance community down here in Houston.  So far it’s been amazing.  I’ve found some different studios to start testing to take lessons, and a few meet ups for Bachata and salsa.  One that I very much enjoy every Sunday that practices Zouk (one of my new favorite dances).  I actually should be getting ready to go, but I wanted to get my excitement out a bit.  I do very much miss my dance partner, but that will be my next quest.

I went to a dance at a new studio Friday night, and the atmosphere was amazing.  It was my first time dancing at a social in a long time, and they offered me a teaching position.  I’m pretty excited for this new opportunity.  I still miss home, but I have something to occupy my time now, make this move a little easier if I can just throw myself into work.

I had been offered another teaching position at another studio last week, but I would have had to start off teaching the children’s class.  I love watching the kids grow in their love of ballroom, but I am not a children’s teacher.  I don’t really hold their attention well, and unlike teaching adults, you not only have to have the students like you, but the parents as well.  This new opportunity doesn’t have any young students, only adults, so this is something I can be used to.

Well, I should start getting ready to leave for my Zouk group, but my point for this post is that I’m getting better.  For all of the negative things, there are always positives.  Always eventually that light in the dark.  So keep your head up, and don’t lose faith.

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week! 🙂


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